Inspirational journals to write in

10 inspirational quotes about life struggles and successIf you are looking for inspirational journals to write in then here’s a journal that you will like. This is my own book and has come from person experience! I was looking at ways to get inspired and so started reading some inspirational quotes from famous people. I have compiled the 100 best inspirational quote in this book which is now available on all Amazon stores. It is very competitively priced. The book is called “Inspirational Journal: Inspirational Journal to Write In: Self Help Book with 100 Inspiration Quotes From Famous People (Notebook)” and can be bought on most Amazon stores. This inspirational journal has 100 quotes and has lines for you to write your thoughts, ideas, stories, things to do etc. It can be used as a diary, inspirational journal or whatever you wish.

inspiratioal journals to write in

Inspirational Journals To Write In

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Pictures of India

Some pictures of India that will make you think differently about India. Please share you thoughts about these Indian pictures in the comments below.


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Cheap tickets to India from the UK

If you are looking for cheap tickets to India then keep reading. If one plans ahead then its perfectly possible to get cheap tickets to India. But one needs to devote some of their time looking for them. Those flying to India might be looking for cheap tickets to India. Here are some ways one can get the cheapest air tickets to India from the UK.

You do need to spend a bit of your time looking for these cheap tickets. You will need to bookmark some websites and then come back to it check again. You need to call these agents to negotiate but its certainly possible to get a good deal on these tickets to India.

cheap tickets to india from uk

Cheap tickets to India from UK

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Hinduism for Kids and Beginners

I have published another book called

HINDUISM IN PICTURES: A Pictographic Journey into Hinduism and the Hindu Culture: Hinduism for Kids and Beginners

and is now available on all Amazon stores. This book is one of its kind and I am sure kids and beginners wanting to learn about Hinduism will like this book. The book is available on both kindle and paperback formats.

Hinduism For Kids

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Hinduism for Beginners: Hinduism Explained

Do you want to learn about Hinduism? Then you might like this ebook called

HINDUISM: Hinduism for Beginners: Guide to Understanding Hinduism and the Hindu Religion, Beliefs, Customs, Rituals, Gods, Mantras and Converting to Hinduism

The book is now available on all Amazon stores.


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Mumbai travel guide book

Are you travelling to Mumbai but didn’t know here to start then here’s Mumbai travel guide book that you might wish to try? It has all the travel guide you need and places to visit in Mumbai. The book is is shown below and is available on all Amazon stores.

Travel Mumbai: Places to Visit in Mumbai: Mumbai Travel Guide

Mumbai Travel Guide

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India Travel Guide Book

Are you looking for a book that tells you about India? Are you looking for travel guide book on India but don’t know which one to get then why not get this one. It’s called Essential India Travel Guide: Travel Tips And Practical Information and has everything you need for a safe and pleasant trip to India. So instead of getting books that makes no sense get this one, its a lot cheaper then most book on the market and trust me I have travelled enough in India and around the world to write this guide for you. Please watch this video to understand what the book is all about. Thank you.

India Travel Guide Book

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India Travel Survival Guide For Women
India Travel Survival Guide For Women

India Travel Survival Guide For Women

Hindi words and phrases
Essential Hindi words and phrases for travelers to India

Essential Hindi words and phrases for travelers to India

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